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Boys Invitational - States Represented

Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

*States not currently represented: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon, Rhode Island 

Girls Invitational - States Represented

Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

*States not currently represented: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Washington



Kendall Turner


Bio: Kendall captured the VA state championship with rounds of 77-70. She will be attending James Madison University this fall and is ranked 95th in the NHSGA national rankings

Maggie Manson

Maggie Manson

North Dakota

Bio: Maggie will be attending the University of North Dakota this fall. She finished 2nd at the North Dakota state final with rounds of 79-79 and is ranked 603rd in the NHSGA national rankings

Megan Tang

Megan Tang


Bio: Megan finished runner-up this past fall at the Tennessee state championship. Megan will be attending the University of Illinois at Chicago and is ranked 154th in the NHSGA national rankings

Kiara Porter

Kiara Porter


Bio: Kiara finished in the top 3 at the Pennsylvania state tournament last fall. She will be attending North Carolina A&T University this fall and is ranked 587th in the NHSGA national rankings

Gracie Olkowski

Gracie Olkowski


Bio: Gracie captured the Nevada state championship last fall with rounds of 74-74. She is verbally committed to UNLV and is ranked 103rd in the NHSGA national rankings

Kayla Pfitzner

Kayla Pfitzner


Bio: Kayla captured the Missouri state championship this past fall with rounds of 80-74. Kayla is ranked 478th in the NHSGA national rankings and is currently undecided on her college

Lauren Beaudreau

Lauren Beaudreau


Bio: Lauren is verbally committed to the University of Notre Dame this fall and is ranked 25th in the NHSGA national rankings, 44th in the Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings and 51st in the AJGA rankings

Tiffany Chan

Tiffany Chan


Bio: Tiffany captured the Kansas state championship last fall firing a round of 74. Tiffany is ranked 846th in the NHSGA national rankings and is currently undecided on her college

Madison Holmes

Madison Holmes


Bio: Madison fired a 74 at the Arkansas state tournament this past fall to capture the state title. She is ranked 60th in the NHSGA national rankings and is currently undecided on her college

Connor Jones

Connor Jones


Bio: Connor finished runner-up at the Colorado state championship last fall with rounds of 68-72 for a 2-under par 36 hole total. He is ranked 34th in the NHSGA national rankings


James Imai


Bio: James captured the Massachusetts state championship. He will be attending Northwestern University and is ranked 5th in the NHSGA, 97th in the Junior Golf Scoreboard and 116th in the AJGA national rankings

Jimmy Meyers

Jimmy Meyers


Bio: Jimmy finished second at the Pennsylvania state championship with rounds of 74-70.  He will be attending Penn State University and is ranked 58th in the NHSGA national rankings



Kolbe Kimbrew

West Virginia

Bio: Kolbe finished in the top 5 last fall in the West Virginia state championship with rounds of 76-77. He will be attending Fairmont State University this fall and is ranked 401st in the NHSGA national rankings 


Oakley Toomer

Oakley Toomer


Bio: Oakley finished runner-up in the Utah state championship with firing rounds of 71-73. He is ranked 151st in the NHSGA national rankings


Jack Wehle

Jack Wehle


Bio: Jack helped his team to a runner-up finish at the 3A Florida state championship last fall. He is ranked 175th in the NHSGA national rankings

beck lewis

Beck Lewis


Bio: Beck had a strong showing at the Tennessee Small Class state championship finishing just outside the top 10. He is ranked 635th in the NHSGA national rankings


Jake Daniel


Bio: Jake fired two rounds of 67-78 to finish tied for 5th at the Arkansas state championship last fall. He is ranked 175th in the NHSGA national rankings


Bryce Zimmerman

New Hampshire

Bio: Bryce finished in the top 3 for the New Hampshire state championship last fall with a round of 76. Bryce is ranked 731st in the NHSGA national rankings




A “National Title” is an honor that speaks volumes for itself. To win the “National Title” would be an honor that speaks volumes for our team.



Team secured their state championship win by 2 strokes over their nearest competitor ending their past two year runner-up streak

Georgia state outline



Team became the first all African-American team to win the title in the state of Georgia this past spring

Idaho state outline



Team captured the first ever state championship in the school’s history



“For a small school like ours, the opportunity to play for a National Title hardly ever happens. More importantly, the opportunity to compete against the top teams from across the nation is a great honor that we will remember for the rest of our lives.”

Maryland state outline



Team’s first state championship since the 2011 season after winning last fall

Massachuetts state outline



Team finished runner-up in the fall state finals firing a team score of 301

Montana state outline



Finished runner-up in the state championship last fall – with two of their players finishing in the top 10 individually

Nebraska state outline



Team finished runner-up in the fall state finals – four of their players finished in the top 15 individually



Opened an incredible 52 stroke lead after the 1st round and ended up clipping their nearest competitor by 36 strokes

North Dakota state outline

North Dakota


“Won three straight state titles and 4 members of the team receiving all-conference honors, 2 all-region and 2 all-state honors”



“We are very excited for the opportunity to play in the Inaugural National HS Championship.  What a great venue and what appears to be great competition”



“It is a great honor for our team to be participating in the National Championship. Our players have worked so hard to get to this point and helped one another to push ourselves to succeed. We look forward to representing our state in this prestigious event.”

South Carolina state outline

South Carolina


Capturing the state championship last fall and besting their nearest competitors by 58 strokes!

Texas state outline



Captured the state championship this spring, besting their nearest competitor by 29 strokes!



Team finished runner-up in the Utah 4A state championship, with Ashton Davison, taking home individual medalist honors.



Won their fourth consecutive state championship this past fall and bested their nearest competitor by 19 strokes



“We are really excited to go up against the best in the country to see how we stack up. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we couldn’t be more excited.”

West Virginia state outline

West Virginia


Capturing the state title in West Virginia last fall by five strokes and three of their players finishing in the top 15 individually



“Playing for a National Championship is extremely meaningful for me and my players. It is a dream come true for us to have an opportunity to compete with some of the best teams in the nation. We are excited and anxious to play in such a wonderful event.”


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Boys 2020 Invitational Field

StateNameGraduation Year
ARSimon McBride2021
ARHagen Sanchez2020
ARRobbie Vaught2023
ARPreston Nesterenk
AZScott Schlader2020
AZEthan Adam2020
AZJohnny Clark2020
AZAnawin Pikulthong2023
AZRyo Ito2023
AZNicholas Lippe2022
COWill Kates2022
CORyan Bilby2021
COHunter Swanson2022
COGrant Juergens
COMax Zadvorny2023
COKaden Ford2021
FLCade Scarborough2021
IACharlie Steer
IAMatthew O'Brien2020
IAJack Starr
IAJosh Nichols2020
IAJack Utsler2020
IACharlie Andrew2020
ILTJ Baker2020
ILMike Wales2020
ILZach Bucher
ILGavin Smith
ILSam Newton2020
ILBen Dotson2020
ILSam Kogen2021
ILAlex Mcculla
KYClay Anderson2021
MACooper Evans
MATim Duffy2020
MAJared Drew2022
MAReed Bodley
MARobbie Lifson2022
MARyan Whitehead2021
MAWeston Jones2021
MAPeter Wurszt2021
MAPatrick Maloney2020
MABrady Weglowski2023
MALaim Gill2021
MATyler Bruneau2023
MAOliver Baynes2020
MAGabrielle Shieh
MACasey Granahan2020
MAChristopher Lombardi2020
MARyan Vaughn
ManitobaCarter Johnson2020
ManitobaTrey Ross2021
ManitobaLachlan Allerton2020
ManitobaLandon Normand2020
MDGavin Ganter2021
MDBryan Kim2023
METhomas Joseph Whelan2021
MEArmand Ouellette2020
MTJustus Verge2022
MTJordan Verge2022
MTSteve Voigt2022
MTRamey Lloyd2022
MTBryce Reed2020
MTTristan Hanson2020
MTTanner Hanson2021
MTMax Cianflone2023
MTJackson Heath2023
NHBryce Zimmerman2021
NHRussell Hamel2022
OHDylan Kaufman2020
OHBruce Yoder2020
OHCarter Mishler2022
OHBrookston Hummel2022
OHKenny Weaver2022
OHRyan Norkin2020
OHJake Yarbrough2021
OHBrett Podobinski
OHTyler Groomes2021
OHLogan Menning2021
OntarioBen Hirasawa2021
OntarioLuca Cimoroni2022
OntarioOwen Gauder
OntarioDomenic De Luca2021
OntarioOscar Feschuk2021
OntarioAnthony Tsiantis2022
SCDerek Bunce2020
SDBen Daane2020
SDLance Christensen Jr.
SDAlex Vande Griend2020
SDCarson VanBeek2020
SDAndrew Dykstra
SDKaleb Jost2023
SDBrodie Vande Brink
SDNeel Soni2020
SDJacob Stewart2022
TNEvan Woosley-Reed2022
TNJJ Zimmer2021
TNWilliam Rieck2020
UTHoyt Blomquist2023
UTJaxon Hutchings
UTJace Taylor Richter2023
UTBraden Roberts2021
UTGarrett Bland2020
UTJace Richte2023
VATrent Sveum2021
VAIan Walters2020
VACharlie Hanson2020
VABrint Harbison2021
VAColby Sullivan2023
VARohan Saxena2021
VABobby Dudeck
VAJack DeVore
VAMason Eggleston
VAWhit Coggin
VABrody Clavel
VAHogan Schulze
VAFletcher Chisman
VTEvan Forrest2021
VTAlex Leonard2021
VTKyle Rexford2021
VTFinn O'Brien2020
VTNathan Godbout2020
VTBrady Hathorn2020
VTJared Vanderpot2024
VTJoseph Barwood2023
VTLogan Raymond2020
VTJustin Jasmin2020
VTHarrison DiGangi2021
VTChace Newhouse2022
VTLincoln Sinclair2023
VTMaxwell Gentle2020
VTBowman Graves2023
WVGrant Barnhart2022
WVBrandon Lawhon2022
WVLuke Webb2022
WVEthan Davis2022
WVEthan Bennett2022
WVRigel Wilson2020
WVTodd Duncan2021
WVGavin Goodrich2023
WVJames Salvatori
WVNoah Seivertson2021
WVOwen Leary
WYTaj Sutherland2020
WYRussel Sprecher
WYAustin Neuman2020
WYDane Rasmussen2020
WYParker Paxton2024
WYHardy Johnson2022
WYHadley Johnson2023
WYJeffry Clark2020
WYWill Clark2022
WYSeth Weyer2023
WYJackson Dunham2023
WYKarsten Simmons2022
WYLanden Gilmore2023
WYLogan Foote2020
WYJT Klinghagen2021
WYKonnor Macy2020
VTAlex Tilgner2020
VAMason Wyatt2021
TNCameron Tankersley
SDLandon Moe
UTNathan Giles
MECamren Knowles
MEAlan Weiss
MEJack Bonnefond
MEGraham Hassan

Girls 2020 Invitational Field

StateNameGraduation Year
ARMadison Holmes2021
AREllen Spigner2022
ARVivian McMechen
ARAbbyLea Huett
ARMaggie Huett
AZMakenna Brown2022
AZKatie Stinchcomb2021
AZCarolyn Fuller2023
AZSydney Seigel2021
AZKyla Wilde2021
AZLexi Pelle2021
AZKaylee Jewkes2021
AZRaina Ports2022
AZHannah Ports2022
AZCelia June Schrecker
AZZoe Newell2023
FLIsabella Dolan
FLMcKenna Murphy
ILMara Janess2022
ILAllison Pacocha2022
ILEmma Kirvan2021
ILAva Olson2022
INCybil Stillson2022
KSRylie Cook2020
MISufna Gill
MISedona Shipka2020
MOKassidy Hull2021
MTCooper Knarr2021
NCMacie Burcham2021
NCKelley Topiwala2020
NCEmily Mathews2023
NCMegan Morris2021
NCKennedy Brady2022
NCVictoria Cook2020
NDLeah Herbel2023
NDHannah Herbel2023
NDLily Bredemeier2020
NDBecca Tschetter2020
NDGreta McArthur2021
NELynzi Becker2022
NHMeredith Morhun2020
NVLeila Moassessi2021
NVHerzog Trynity
NVRiana Mission2021
NVLizbeth Flores
NVLauren Steele2020
NVLogan Allen2022
NVKirstin Angosta2023
NVGianna Marretti2021
NVTaylor Tanpoco2022
NVRoycee Southerland
NVGrace Calton2021
NVMackenzie Wachtel2021
OHAnna Coccia2023
OHMadison Spiess
OHKary Hollenbaugh2022
OHAnna Ritter2022
OHGwynnie Lee
PAElizabeth Beek2023
SCLexi Bennett
SCChloe Holder
SCIsabella Britt
SCDelia Parker
SCKarlee Vardas2021
SCElla Stalvey2023
SCElizabeth Madden2022
SCPaige Paolucci
SCCaroline Hawkins2025
SCJoceline Paez
SCMadison Lynn Dixon2023
TNDesirea Smith
TNElla Cress2022
TNCarla Kay Hickam2021
TNGrace MacLaughlin2023
VAJulie Shin2022
VTJillian Miles2022
VTKristen Pariseau2022
VTAlexis Landrie2022
VTMia Politano2021
WIJo Baranczyk2021
WYMaria Farnum2021
WYKarissa Tranas2021
WYDarby Barstad2022
WYArilyn Johnson2021
WYHailey Westbrook2023
WYAdessa Lundberg
ARAlexandra Barnwell2021
FLAngelica Holman2022
NCMorgan Ketchum
INSarah Brenneman
INEllie Karst
INTaylor Caldwell
INSophie Stutz
INBella Deibel
AREmma Hester
NCBecca Connolly
INMacy Beeson