The Story behind the National High School Golf Association

Imagine if there was an organization that cared about high school golf and dedicated time, money and resources for this segment of the game? The National High School Golf Association is an organization dedicated to the overall growth and development of high school golfers across the United States. High school golf often get overshadowed by junior golf tournaments given most states only have one major high school state golf tournament for each division. If you are a high school student who cannot afford junior golf events and/or if there are no junior golf tournaments in your area, your high school state tournament is the biggest stage for you to showcase your talent and get ranked. Highschoolgolf.org was developed to unite high school golfers nationally by providing national high school golf rankings, showcasing tournament results, playing opportunities and providing access to unbiased information on college recruiting, coaching, and equipment discounts.

The NHSGA started because the team at Nextgengolf could not find a good, consistent and reliable resource nationally for high school golf. Our organization wanted to help high school golfers, their coaches, and families, but there was no centralized organization to help. Initially, our goal was to communicate with high school golfers about the opportunity to play club golf in college, but after understanding the high school golf market in more detail, our team realized there is a lot of work to be done to give high school golf the proper time and attention it deserves. It’s time for high school golfers to be united nationally as one!

As of April 2019, the NHSGA became part of The PGA of America through the PGA’s acquisition of Nextgengolf.        Nextgengolf and PGA of America


The National High School Golf Association was developed by the leadership at Nextgengolf, the leading entity supporting golfers in their 20s and 30s across the United States. Nextgengolf runs team-based golf tournaments for college students and young adults throughout the year. Most notably the collegiate tour within Nextgengolf is called the NCCGA (National Collegiate Club Golf Association) which is the governing body for club golf in the US. The NCCGA supports students at over 350 colleges. Prior to the NCCGA, college students who did not play varsity college golf did not have college tournaments available to them and formerly could not identify as college golfers. Almost 100% of NCCGA club golfers played high school golf. Our team is excited to bring our decades of combined golf experience to improve high school golf.

Live Life. Play Golf.


Chris Noble – Manager

Chris was introduced to the game at the age of 4, and from then on, it has been a love affair. As a high school golfer in Michigan, Chris made the All-State team all four years and finished runner-up individually in the Michigan High School State Championship. After high school, Chris went on to play varsity golf at Holy Cross College at Notre Dame.

Golf is more than just a game; it is a way of life. My hope is that my career within the game and passion for junior golf, that I can bring meaning and purpose to the high school golf world. By working with golf’s next high school generation and providing them the opportunity to be recognized, I am able to give back to the game that has provided me so much.

EMAIL: Chris@highschoolgolf.org

Kris (1)

Kris Hart – Senior Director

Kris started playing golf at age 12 after being introduced to the game as a caddy. Kris played 4 years of high school golf at East Longmeadow High School and went on to play 3 years of varsity golf at Bryant University. Senior year, Kris quit playing varsity college golf and soon realized how difficult it was being a golfer in college who was not on the varsity golf team. After college Kris was an assistant high school golf coach for the Bancroft School in Worcester, MA.

Kris has dedicated his life to the growth of golf. Kris is the CEO of Nextgengolf and started the NHSGA knowing how important high school golf is to the golf industry.

EMAIL: Kris@highschoolgolf.org


Matt Weinberger – Commissioner

Matt has been involved with high school golf for the past 15 years. He played 4 years on the team at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, OH and was a part of the 2008 State Championship Division 1 team as an alternate. Since graduation he has supported the program and became an assistant coach starting in 2013. Over that time St. Xavier has won two more state championships.

Matt has been involved in growing the game of golf since 2009 helping grow collegiate club golf through the NCCGA. He is now the COO of Nextgengolf helping grow the game and keeping golfers from high school through young adults in the game we all love. Matt has a passion for the rules of golf and running championship golf tournaments. Matt runs The High School Golf National Invitational Tournament and handles all rules and eligibility questions related to high school golf.

EMAIL: Matt@highschoolgolf.org