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Did you know there are hundreds of golf scholarships available for high school students going off to college? Scholarships come in many shapes and sizes including academic, community service, merit, and work related.  Explore some of the options below and get started applying today!

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National Golf Scholarships

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Evans Scholarship

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First Tee Scholarship

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GCSAA Scholarship


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Youth on Course Scholarship

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LPGA Foundation Scholarship


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W Southern Golf Association

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Walter Travis Scholarship


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The Sara Scholarship

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Local Golf Scholarships

Colorado Golf Scholarships

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Western Colorado Golf Foundation

Connecticut Golf Scholarships

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CSGA Scholarship Fund

Delaware Golf Scholarships

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DSGA Scholarship

Florida Golf Scholarships

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FSGA Foundation

SFPGA Scholarship

Indiana Golf Scholarships

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Indiana Golf Scholarship

Kansas Golf Scholarships

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Kansas Golf Foundation

Kentucky Golf Scholarships

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Kentucky Golf Scholarship

Michigan Golf Scholarships

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SWM Caddy Scholarship

Missouri Golf Scholarships

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Gateway PGA

MO Golf Assoc Scholarship

N. Dakota Golf Scholarships

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Ohio Golf Scholarships

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Miami Valley Golf Scholarship

Oklahoma Golf Scholarships

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OK Golf Scholarship

Oregon Golf Scholarships

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Tennessee Golf Scholarships

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Utah Golf Scholarships

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Vermont Golf Scholarships

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VGASF Scholarship

NEPGA Foundation

Virginia Golf Scholarships

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VSGA VIP Scholarship

Washington Golf Scholarships

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W. Virginia Golf Scholarships

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WVGA Scholarship

Wisconsin Golf Scholarships

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Wisconsin Junior Golf Scholarship

Wyoming Golf Scholarships

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Airport Golf Club Scholarship